Scott Devotion Jungle/DnB producer Lots of New music for 2023. Ex Hardcore Artist and DJ. It has been a fair few years out the music game.
Scott has been into the rave scene since 1990 after listening to a tape a friends brother had played from a pirate radio station. After hearing this Scott was hooked on the rave scene. “I would record pirate radio stations and also try to mix from record player to tape, a mad concept I know, but one I later found out a lot of DJ’s did too, when starting out their passion for DJ’ing.” From then on Scott attended warehouse raves in the early 90s and loved the full on rave sound and party atmosphere generated. This lead to wanting to try what the DJ’s were doing at the raves and on the pirate radio stations, he then brought his first pair of 1210 decks and mixer, Scott Devotion was born, although for a short while he was know as DJ Fusion. This changed whilst DJ’ing at home with friends. “One of my friends said I was so devoted to the music as I was always banging on about it and driving people mad. Then another friend said call him DJ Scott Devoted, it then just developed to Scott Devotion, so that is how the name came to be. I have been asked this in the past a few times, so that’s that.
Scott started to DJ at small events in and around the M25 London and appeared on various pirate radio stations as well as working part time in underground record shops, so a gap opened up to get within the scene and this lead to more and more bookings in the early to mid 90’s.

In the early to mid 2000’s Scott was playing on pirate radio station Premier FM a huge station covering Essex,Kent and London and this came about by meeting DJ Stoned a local DJ whom got Scott right back on the track with music. They became good friends and DJ partners for a number of years, there Monday night shows were heavily listened to and the show was a big success and they both made big names for themselves within the south east of the UK. “I thank Paul DJ Stoned a great guy whom has a huge passion for the music and it was a pleasure being his DJ partner and it was a great and busy time DJ’ing and building a huge fan base within the south east. I remember doing what I feel at the time was one of if not the longest ever pirate radio station DJ sets with DJ Stoned for 13 hours plus. One guy text for a shout in the evening and again text the following morning around 8am and could not believe we were still live, funny days and much missed, Premier FM was a very well respected and heavily listened too station.” It was not until the 2004-05’s that Scott began to push his DJ career within hardcore, to new heights, being a club DJ in the 90’s professionally it was hardcore where he wanted to be Ding, playing his favourite music to other people with the same passion. In the early 2000’s Scott teamed up with friend DJ IMPACT at the FBI Recording studios and made a number of tracks which got on to various albums around the world and a release on the FBI recordings record label itself, the remix of Sound Of Goodbye, which done very well selling out on vinyl. More tracks came and partnerships with DJ Rush whom went on to be DJ Rushtex whom had a biggest selling record in hard style that year and took a different adventure. The tracks Scott made attracted bookings, with the hardcore scene fast becoming a scene where you had to produce tracks to get a better chance of performing on the decks at events, something Scott believes was not right for the scene at all and was one of the nails in its downward fall, but he took on this role and managed the two sides. After many great years on premier Scott Moved on to Renegade FM another huge pirate station and played there for a few years and moved on to The Big E, Eruption FM a legendary pirate station playing to London on weekly shows.