Full Send DNB formed in 2021 with DJ Climpo at
the helm. His ‘can do’ attitude quickly got the label
noticed and he soon began to expand his artist
roster with the addition of American Junglist, DJ
Wizdom, Swiss producer, Hertenfels, and the crafty
cockney, Danny Darksol.

Others followed including the prolific Manc, Circle
Red, Flecky, Hypershell and Polymer to name but a
few. Full Send have managed to punch a hole into
the Drum and Bass Arena by creating their own
“euphoric’ sound. Filled with grand production and
emotive tunes, ranging from old stool jungle to
heavy neuro and everything in between.

Established names such as Scott Devotion have
been drawn to the label for their forward-thinking,
uplifting and inclusive spirit.

Full Send are not
restricted by fad or fashion, but cut their own path
through the dance market with some infectious
tunes and outstanding beats.
Interested in joining us?


Send your demos to info@fullsenddnb.com