Scott Devotion

Scott Devotion Jungle/DNB producer Lots of New music for 2023. Ex Hardcore Artist and DJ.

Scott has been into the rave scene since 1990 after listening to a tape a friends brother had played from a pirate radio station. After hearing this Scott was hooked on the rave scene. “I would record pirate radio stations and also try to mix from record player to tape, a mad concept I know, but one I later found out a lot of DJ’s did too, when starting out their passion for DJ’ing.”

From then on Scott attended warehouse raves in the early 90s and loved the full on rave sound and party atmosphere generated. This lead to wanting to try what the DJ’s were doing at the raves and on the pirate radio stations, he then brought his first pair of 1210 decks and mixer, Scott Devotion was born, although for a short while he was known as DJ Fusion.

Scott has many year’s experience DJing for radio stations including Premier FM, Renegade FM and Eruption FM.