Christoph Kaindlbauer, also known as Hertenfels, was born in Styria, Austria, in 1977. Growing up with a brother who owned a discotheque, music became an integral part of his life early on. Intrigued by diverse musical styles, he explored mainstream pop, reggae, and metal before delving into the realm of electronic music.

Despite lacking formal music education, Hertenfels remained an avid listener, fan, and occasional DJ, harboring a desire to contribute to the music scene. After years of contemplation, he adopted his online alias and ventured into music production. The name “Hertenfels” pays homage to a medieval noble family whose castle, bearing the same name, once stood near his childhood home. The family met a tragic fate during a farmers’ rebellion, adding a unique and rooted dimension to his chosen moniker.


In early 2016, Hertenfels initiated his music production journey on his PC using Ableton. Progressing gradually, he honed his skills and developed a distinctive sound. Recognizing the complexity of Drum and Bass (DNB) as an art form, he embraced it wholeheartedly. DNB provided a canvas for him to blend elements from his rock and metal background with influences from psy trance and EDM, resulting in a fast and often psychedelic style. Fueled by support from global producers, Hertenfels cultivated a supportive online community where collaboration thrives. While he struggles to define his style, it revolves around the dynamic world of DNB.

Hertenfels was the first artist to be released on Full Send DNB and provided the catalyst for others to follow…