Samuel Bleszynski, an impassioned musician and founder of Soultribe Music, hails from the vibrant landscape of South East England. Born in the late ’80s to parents entrenched in the free-spirited ethos of the hippy generation, Samuel’s early exposure to the pulsating energy of Glastonbury and various music festivals ignited an enduring love for the rhythm and soul of music.

His journey with music began during his school years, where he delved into the art of vinyl mixing and music production using platforms like Cubase 4. However, the gravitational pull of music was momentarily eclipsed when he ventured into the realm of marketing, orchestrating grand stages at festivals and corporate events.

Life took its predictable turns as Samuel, like many, found love, welcomed two beautiful daughters, and settled into a stable career. Yet, within the fabric of domesticity, the heartbeat of music continued to resonate within him. The absence of late-night revelries, the melodies, and the camaraderie lingered as an undeniable void.

Amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Samuel seized the opportunity for a resurgence. Armed with a new computer, Cubase 11, and a pair of monitors, he rekindled his creative fervor. The decision to delve back into music proved transformative, reaffirming Samuel’s innate calling.

Embracing the ethos that music is more than a vocation—it’s a way of life—Samuel, alongside a select group of like-minded individuals, founded Soultribe Music. This endeavor is a testament to his unwavering belief in fostering a collaborative platform for artists united by their shared passion for music, nurturing an environment where creativity thrives within a supportive community.

For Samuel, music isn’t merely a career pursuit; it’s an indelible part of his essence, having forged lifelong friendships and enduring connections through its medium. He invites you to join him on this odyssey, to witness the evolution of his craft and the collective journey of Soultribe Music.

In this pursuit, Samuel remains resolute in his commitment to continual improvement, fervently believing that the trajectory of his musical voyage holds endless possibilities.